Rebecca Bender

It has 5 different segments: Human Trafficking 101, Community Service Providers, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, and Faith.

Human Trafficking 101:

Trafficking has many faces. Learn important differences between First World and Third World trafficking and the typologies that exist with each. Become familiar with grooming and coercive tactics that traffickers employ and how this affects the mindset of a victim.

Community Service Providers:

Domestic violence shelters, homeless youth shelters, and child welfare organizations frequently come across victims of exploitation and never notice. Why? Misidentification is a primary reason. Learn to identify the signs of human trafficking and create a wrap-around protocol response that can be enacted when trafficking is suspected or identified as having taken place.

Law Enforcement:

Undercover officers, FBI, SVU, detectives, probation officers, judges, prosecutors and more will benefit enormously form this training that provides insight on the psyche of the victim, investigator checklists, tips to better interpret ads and lingo, and approaches to help victims open up in order to build and prosecute more cases.

Medical Professionals:

Front-line medical care providers frequently encounter trafficking victims and don’t even know it. Specific medical indicators and environmental clues are critical to identifying possible trafficking victims. Learning these can help build a strong case for law enforcement and potential save the life of a victim!

Faith Segment:

One of the greatest weapons to combat human exploitation is the church. Unearth tools faith-based groups can use to raise awareness and assist trafficking victims. This training will leave you inspired, filled with hope, and empowered to join the fight against on the the largest social justice issues of our time.

*In addition we have two other tools to utilize:

Roadmap to Redemption:

This 10-week workbook is designed for survivors of sex trafficking. Now victims of trafficking can have access to a mentor in the comfort of their own home. Roadmap to Redemption is a faith based workbook written by a survivor, giving others the courage to face our own struggles and dive deeper into our faith.

Elevate: Mentoring Guide

Are you ready to take your life to the next level?  Do you work with survivors of exploitation and want to be better equipped to help them reach their destinies?  ELEVATE is just that, a faith-based mentoring toolkit that encourages survivors of sex trafficking and advocates, to go after all they were created to be! Through exercises, activities, homework and thought-provoking story, you will be inspired, refreshed and prepared to improve your skills, strengthen relationships, and create strategy for your life!  Elevate has helped hundreds of survivors unearth their purpose and worth.

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